When President Trump promised that Mexico would pay for the new 3000-mile border wall, many mainstream media and liberal critics refused to believe that he would be able to convince the country to stump up the cash. But, as the first test walls went up this week, The Trump can exclusively reveal that POTUS has asked his good friend Prince Edward of England – a world-renowned TV producer – to create a pilot version of the 1970’s British TV show “It’s a Knockout!” – to both test the ability of the new wall designs to keep illegals out and to create a profitable TV format that will air in Mexico – the proceeds from which will be used to complete the wall.

Royals take part in the original TV show – presented by a popular UK pervert


Mexican contestants will compete with each other, wearing outlandish costumes, in an attempt to get over the wall and evade the border guards awaiting them. It is rumoured that Prince Edward is proposing pole-vaulting, a zip-wire round and one when contestants are disguised as cacti and are hurled over the wall by a makeshift cannon.

A spokesman for the Mexican government said “We have no idea what this story is about, we are not going to pay for the wall in this way or any other”

The Grand Knockout Tournament (colloquially also known as It’s a Royal Knockout) was a one-off charity event which was shown on British television on 19 June 1987, in addition to airing on American TV via the USA Network on 12 August 1987. It followed the format of It’s a Knockout (the British version of Jeux Sans Frontieres), a slapstick TV gameshow which was broadcast in the UK until 1982.

Price Edward presents his Joker card – it is not known if these will feature in the new show

The event was staged on the lakeside lawn of the Alton Towers stately home-cum-theme park. However, the event used its own specially created immersing set, meaning that the location was not very recognisable in the TV broadcast.

Although regarded as a failure, a similar show (without royal involvement) was made the following year at Walt Disney World in Florida, featuring teams of celebrities representing the United Kingdom, USA, and Australia.